Drinking & Driving Offences

Caught Drinking & Driving?

Drink driving is of course not to be condoned. It’s dangerous, irresponsible and very dangerous. However, there is a world of difference between the small hardcore of drivers who take to the roads having consumed a pint more than the legal limit and those who disregard the limit and drive well in excess of the limit.

There does of course have to be a legal limit for drinking & driving, otherwise we would have an untenable situation on our roads where half the drivers were intoxicated to one level or another.

Drink affects people in very different ways and while one person might be unaffected or impaired by 6 pints, another might be severely impeded by just one or two. Your ability to process alcohol is also affected by food consumed, body mass, and indeed your drinking habits as well as your metabolism.

There is a world of difference between a motorist consuming two pints of lager and driving home and another drinking 10 pints.

The penalty for drinking & driving is 12 month mandatory ban, which quickly escalates depending on how drunk you are. This is accompanied by a large fine. In severe cases, repeat offending etc. prison sentences are often applied.

There are four ways you can defend drinking and driving;

  1. Demonstrate that you weren’t driving
  2. Demonstrate that you weren’t on a public road or place
  3. Denying that you were over the limit (contest police evidence)
  4. Prove you consumed the alcohol after you finished driving

All of these defences require a good understanding of the law and with such a penalty at stake, it makes sense to seek the guidance and advice of a specialist drink drive lawyer. UK Motoring Solicitors Patterson Law only defend motoring offences, making them specialists in their field, with a level of legal knowledge that’s difficult to rival.