Do’s & Don’ts of Link Building

Link Building Rules

If you are going to promote your site successfully you need to understand the basics do’s and don’ts of the link building process.

Google has a strict set of rules that dictate whether your backlinks will help your search engine rankings or harm them. A bad link can cause a lot of damage and kill your traffic, whereas a good quality link has the power to propel your site up the listings into the top ten to where the good traffic lives.

Backlinking Do’s:

  • Contextual Links
  • On Google Friendly Sites
  • Different IP’s
  • Dofollow majority with a few no follows
  • Natural link text variety
  • Majority Brand & URL links
  • Relevant content
  • Relevant category
  • Positive trust and authority
  • Include junk & empty links

Backlinking Don’ts:

  • Don’t use link networks
  • Don’t use link farms
  • Don’t over optimize link text
  • Don’t link from bad neighbourhoods
  • Don’t link from orphan pages
  • Don’t build sitewide links
  • Don’t focus on forum and blog comments
  • Don’t pay for ‘obvious’ paid links
  • Don’t build links too fast

If you follow these rules (Supplied to us by Milton Keynes SEO Consultants Deeho) you will build consistent, high quality backlinks that will help your SEO campaign rather than hurting your rankings.

brand url v keyword rich url backlinks

Making mistakes is surprisingly easy to do if you don’t know what you are doing. Over optimization is a very common mistake, which can be a timely process to fix once you have created the wrong links.