Tips To Stay Safe Shopping Online

Shopping Online, Just a Tip or Two

The figures being quoted by financial wizards describing the importance of online shopping are mind boggling.

Twenty years ago, it was in debate as to whether it could ever be a commercial success, it now has a global value of hundreds of billions of pounds per year. This is higher than some countries GDP.

The reasons for this are right before us. The power of the computer and the huge effect of fibre optic cabling, brings the high street to your living room, or bed, or car, or work place.

The range of goods seems virtually endless, and without the physical constraints of a shop in a mall, or high street, the online seller can offer stock from almost anywhere.

It is quick and easy, but where the amounts of money this business is worth are mentioned, they will attract the attention of any ne’r-do-well in the computer world. Cyber-crime is big Continue reading “Tips To Stay Safe Shopping Online”